Stories from the first wave. The work done in Romania

Children from Constantin Ianculescu High School, are experiencing a great adventure called InventEUrs, they are not alone in this adventure, their partners are students from three wonderful schools: Veinat School (Spain), South Bank Engineering UTC (UK) and Istituto d’Instruzione Superiore G. Giovagnoli (Italy); and are supported by three universities: University of Girona (Spain), University of Perugia (Italy) and London South Bank University (UK).

They are traveling around the world when they have video-conferences with their friends from schools from different countries around Europe, and they are traveling in the past as well when they create digital stories such as Anne Frank story and The Little Rabbit story.

One may think they may get scared but we can assure you that all the children are happy because they travel with their old friends to places where they’ll meet new friends, new experiences, new challenges and new adventures. Below you can see a video summary of this work.

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