This is a project developed through iterations (we like to use the metaphor of "waves"). During the two years of the project, there will be three main iterations, which will allow to test, adapt, disseminate and upscale the project in Europe.
Each iteration of InventEUrs will allow us to gradually include more schools. But the third iteration will be an online opening that will potentially let the project reach a large number of European schools (and even schools from outside Europe).
To carry out all this process many actions are necessary:
  • Teacher training: before starting the intercultural virtual exchanges and the creative learning activities, it is necessary to conduct teacher training.
  • Design of educational materials and creative learning activities: there is a need to introduce activities to facilitate children's access to the new technologies that they will use during the coming months.
  • Design and develop methodologies and tools for opening the project (especially the online platform): there is a need to adapt the existing methodologies in Inventors4Change and also to design an online platform that will help with the collaborative work between schools. This task will allow to scale the project and open it to a wide range of schools.
  • Design and implement a MOOC for teachers and education stakeholders.
  • Implement the invention-based collaborative learning activities with children: All the children's collaborative projects and inventions will be shared online and accessible worldwide.
In this section you will find all the resources and material developed along the project so you use it conveniently.