Starting 2nd Wave: Reduced Inequalities

After a meeting in Perugia between all the partners to evaluate the first year of the project, we have now officially started the second wave of the InventEUrs project. This time, instead of connecting 4 schools to each other, we are expanding the network and connecting 12 schools/learning centres (+3 universities) in the four countries: Spain, Italy, Romania and the UK (see the diagram).

In this second wave, children will investigate one of the Sustainable Development Goals: Reduced Inequalities. They will use a blog to introduce themselves, give their opinions on the topic and start a debate. They will also hold video conferences between classes, and finally, through a collaborative methodology and mixed teams with children from different countries, they will create digital stories on the topic they have researched and post them on the Internet. During the process they will also learn coding through Scratch. The wave also includes teacher training conducted by the coordinators in each country.

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