Co-Creation Platform: GlobalChangemakers

In the final phase of the project, the goal was to create a platform in which teachers and other stakeholders could connect with each other to share challenges, to manage deadlines for collaborative activities, and to co-create educational materials and learning activities.
After months of development and collaborative within the partnership, the platform has become a reality. GlobalChangemakers is therefore, one of the main results of the InventEUrs project.
GlobalChangeMakers it is a platform designed to promote highly innovative and engaging connected learning experiences between schools. Participating classes connect with each other and their children create virtual mixed teams, explore a social issue related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), discuss their ideas on a blog, learn to code and co-create interactive digital stories on the topic they have researched. All this with a methodology that promotes active learning, connected learning and critical thinking.
Calls for teachers are open twice per year and the whole co-creation process last 15 weeks.
For more information you can visit the platform: