Creative Learning Activities

Before starting the intercultural virtual exchanges and the collaborative work between participating schools, there is a need to introduce activities to facilitate teachers and children’s access to the new technologies and methodologies that they will use during the coming months. These learning activities will help the schools to get used to Technologies for Creative Learning (like Scrath or App Inventor), Computational Thinking and Collaborative Digital Storytelling.
Some examples of the creative learning activities that have been used so far to introduce Scratch to children and teachers:
During the first iteration of the project the activities have focused on introducing the Scratch programming language, and starting to work on methodologies to generate collaborative stories.
Phase 0 "Getting Started with Scratch" includes tips and a possible itinerary for those schools that do not have previous experience with Scratch.
Phases 1 "Preparing and Developing the Activity" suggests an itinerary for preparing and developing activities for schools. Such as choosing the topic, preparing materials, Scratch introductory activities, etc.
Stay tunned. All the creative learning activities developed among the schools will be shared here.