Creative Learning Activities

Creative learning Activities are workshops and activities designed to help teachers and children in schools become familiar with the methodologies and technologies they will use later in collaborative work with other schools. They help schools to take their first steps in Collaborative Digital Storytelling, Computational Thinking, Scratch, etc.
Each school can design new activities or reuse some of the old ones that are convenient for the above purpose.
This project output is the collection of detailed descriptions of all creative learning activities used during the project. The target of this output are the new teachers of new schools, who will use these descriptions of the activities as a guide to start their way within the InventEUrs project.
Some examples of the Creative Learning Activities that have been used so far to introduce Scratch to children and teachers:
In addition to the activity descriptions, during the first wave of the project, itineraries have been designed to give teachers ideas on how to take steps to introduce Scratch to their students, and on how to start doing collaborative projects with Scratch. Here you can see them:
Phase 0 "Getting Started with Scratch" includes tips and a possible itinerary for those schools that do not have previous experience with Scratch.
Phases 1 "Preparing and Developing the Activity" suggests an itinerary for preparing and developing activities for schools. Such as choosing the topic, preparing materials, Scratch introductory activities, etc.